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The Shared Schoolyard Project is a partnership between the City of San Francisco, the San Francisco Unified School District, and San Francisco’s neighborhoods and communities that envisions and provides for a place for children and families to play and gather within walking distance of every child in San Francisco. Through this unique joint partnership, the City and the School District are able to open schoolyards to the public across the city, with at least one in each of San Francisco’s 11 Supervisorial Districts.

The Shared Schoolyard Project was revamped under the leadership of District 2 Supervisor Mark Farrell, who has led in the fundraising efforts for the project, Mayor Ed Lee, Interim Superintendent Myong Leigh, the San Francisco Unified School District, San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks Department, San Francisco’s Department of Public Works, San Francisco Police Department, and 311 to increase more open space for our children and families to play and gather.

Currently, over 40 public schools citywide are enrolled in the Shared Schoolyard Project. The Shared Schoolyard Project is working to enroll all of San Francisco’s public schools, so that every child and family in San Francisco can have a clean and safe place to play and gather on the weekends.

Enrolling your school in the Shared Schoolyard Project provides so much more than just an open schoolyard for a place to build community.





Our Mission

The Shared Schoolyard Project’s mission is to create more accessible and safe spaces for our children and families to gather and play throughout the City of San Francisco. The Shared Schoolyard Project will encompass every supervisorial district and will succeed through collaborative partnerships with the City of San Francisco, the San Francisco Unified School District, Neighborhoods and Communities, the San Francisco PTA, Corporate Sponsors, and other Non-Governmental and Community Based Organizations. We envision providing a place to play within walking distance of every child in San Francisco.

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    Rainy Day Celebration at Mission Education Center

    The rainy weather did not stop the Upper Noe Valley community from celebrating the kick-off event at the Mission Education Center on Saturday, February 4th. The event was originally scheduled to take place outside, however, an unexpected downpour caused it to be moved inside the school's cafeteria, this did not stop many families from coming by and having a great time. 

    The cafeteria was bustling with activities provided by a number of organizations from around the neighborhood. Rabbit Hole Theater Company transformed children into butterflies and superheroes with their incredible face painting skills. The Bernal Heights Library's prize wheel was open to every child that wanted to test their luck with a spin. Both the Upper Noe Recreation center and Friends of the Upper Noe Recreation Center were present to help unify the community and the kids.  Charlie's Corner brought books and puppets that were available for everyone to enjoy, along with toad stools to set the tone for the perfect story time.


    Education outside was present but because of the rain they were not able to complete their activities. Climate Action Now also planned outdoor activities and although they couldn't follow through with the activities planned they stuck around to remind people how important it is to keep our concrete cities green. Climate Action now will return to Mission Education Center to plant one hundred trees in the schoolyard just as they originally planned.  The Bricks 4 Kidz's tabletop was not visible due to a sea of colorful legos that the kids used to create buildings and characters that they always dreamed of.  Last but not least Higgins Tennis came with a tube filled with tennis balls that towered over most of the children. They challenged the kids to try and guess the ridiculous amount of balls in the tube and the lucky child who guessed the closest number balls was awarded their very own tennis racket.

    Once more there was free tacos and refreshments provided that made both the children and parent's mouths water. 

    There were quite a few speakers at this event, the school's wonderful principal, Carla Llewelyn-Vasquez, welcomed attendees to the school and the newly accesible open space in the neighborhood. Once again, Supervisor Mark Farrell made time to thank and appreciate the organizations and everyone for attending the event and explain his motivations for starting the Shared Schoolyard Project. Finally, Jeff Sheehy the new District 8 Supervisor was there to introduce himself to the neighborhood and those who attended. 


    The Schoolyard at Mission Education Center will now be open to the public on the weekends between 9 am and 4 pm. The schoolyard will be opened by the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department and cleaned by the San Francisco Department of Public Works. For any questions or more information on the San Francisco Schoolyard Project, please contact Chris Sally at 

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    Community Celebrates Opening of Sheridan Schoolyard

    On Saturday, January 28th, families and community members of the Ocean View neighborhood gathered at Sheridan Elementary School to celebrate the grand opening of the schoolyard on the weekends. It may have been a little windy outside but this did not stop the children and parents from having fun and making use of the newly accessible open space in the neighborhood. 



    A medley of organizations attended this event to table and provide activities of all sorts for the kids, as well as inform the parents on the amazing work they do for their communities. The Tenacious Tennis Academy set up nets and provided racquets and balls for everyone to enjoy. SF Youth Soccer was also present, with small goals and soccer balls for the children to enjoy. If the kids were not in the mood for sports then Education Outside was present to help with arts and crafts in the school garden. Members of the San Francisco Police Department stopped by to hand out stickers and even allowed the kids to turn on the police siren. Amongst other things the school yard's jungle gym was very popular with the children as the parents watched and enjoyed the event's free tacos and refreshments. 


    Once again, Supervisor Mark Farrell made an appearance to thank all of the community partners for supporting their local neighborhoods and the San Francisco Shared Schoolyard Project. 


    The Sheridan Elementary Schoolyard will be open on the weekends from now on between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The schoolyard will be opened by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks department and cleaned by the San Francisco Department of Public Works. For any questions or more information about the San Francisco Shared Schoolyard Project, please contact Chris Sally at 

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