Approval Guidelines

Activities funds are used for weekend (ONLY) events and activities that promote and bring together the neighborhood community and residents and are open to the public. Weekend activities should reflect the interest of the local community and residents near the Shared Schoolyard Project playground.

Only participating schools in the Shared Schoolyard Project can use Activity Funds. If vendor(s) are required they must meet San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) requirements for utilizing SFUSD facilities. This will include insurance and security requirements.

The first step for a school to host an activity utilizing the activity fund is to submit the Activities Fund Request Application online.

The Project Manager will approve the “Activity Fund Request Form” within 5 working days with a confirmation to the applicants email.

The school’s administration, PTO or PTA must complete a SFUSD Facilities Use Permit Application. That form can be found on SFUSD web site under “doing business with SFUSD” and the “Real Estate” link which is listed below:

For assistance with the SFUSD Facilities Use Permit application or any questions regarding that process, please contact Ms. Elizabeth Lee, Manager, Real Estate Office at or (415) 241-6090.

If a Track and Field is going to be utilized for the weekend activity event, a Track/Field Addendum must be completed as well. This Addendum is also found under the “Real Estate” link listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of activities can we have to utilize the Activity Fund?

Activities that promote and bring together the neighborhood, community and residents as a whole. The activities should reflect the interests of the community and the school participating in the Shared Schoolyard Project.

What outside vendors can participate in these weekend activities?

The Shared Schoolyard Project’s participating school sites can use vendors approved by SFUSD and DCYF or obtain approval for new vendors through SFUSD’s Real Estate Department.

How do schools submit invoices for the payment(s) of expenses and outside vendors from the Activities Fund?

The use of funds for a weekend activity must be pre-approved by Project Managers by submitting the Activities Fund Request Application online. For payments to approved vendors or any expenses or reimbursements, submit only ORIGINAL (no copies) invoices to the San Francisco Parks Alliance at the following address:

San Francisco Parks Alliance
1663 Mission St., Suite 320
San Francisco, CA 94103-2486

Vendors will be paid within 10 business days of receipt of preapproved invoices.

For any further information, please contact Chris Sally, the Shared Schoolyard’s Project Manager at SFUSD.

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