Neighborhood Celebrates Schoolyard Opening at Sutro

Saturday, May 20th proved to be a beautiful, sunny day for a Shared Schoolyard event! Crowds of families from the nearby community streamed into the schoolyard at Sutro Elementary to celebrate the exciting opening of the schoolyard for public use on the weekends. They were joined by local organizations, community leaders, as well as local representatives from the San Francisco Police Department.


The yard at Sutro was covered with children and adults running from tables to activities. Children had the chance to move around and get active with the help of community partners SF Youth Soccer and their pickup games and Tenacious Tennis organizing matches between children.  We were lucky to be joined by a wide array of community partners such as Community Youth Center, Presidio Trust, the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, YMCA, Education Outside, Wee Scotty, the PTA, Richmond Branch Library, Recycle for Change, Judy Thacker's Animal Art and Sculpture Birthday Parties and Cal Fresh who all were chatting it up with parents and kids, providing information about the services they provide. And the tacos were back, delighting everyone with their deliciousness!


While fun and games were happening on the playground, the fabulous PTA of Sutro Elementary hosted a garage sale with donated clothing from around the neighborhood. There were so many donations that they had to use multiple carloads to transport it all, a major win for the PTA and for the environment.


 There were also many inspirational speakers at the event, including Principal Myra Quadros, Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer, and Michael E. Carr, an essential contributor to the Shared Schoolyard Project from the onset. All spoke about the importance of connecting with the school and community. Supervisor Mark Farrell, whom has spearheaded the Shared Schoolyard Project, also spoke about his motivations for supporting the project.  After the speaking program, a crowd of smiling children gathered around with Supervisor Farrell to participate in the cutting of the big, red ribbon-signifying the official opening of the schoolyard on the weekends.


The schoolyard at Sutro Elementary will be open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. The schoolyard will be opened by the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department and cleaned by the San Francisco Department of Public Works. For any questions or specific information about the Shared Schoolyard Project, please contact

Mayor Edwin M. Lee Supervisor Mark Farrell SF Parks Alliance SFUSD SF 311 SFPD SF DPW SF Recreation and Parks