The Atlantic Highlights the Shared Schoolyard Project

On April 29, The Atlantic published an article detailing the success of "mixed use" projects like the Shared Schoolyard Project in cities across the United States. The article, "Playgrounds for All," explores how Supervisor Mark Farrell revamped the Shared Schoolyard Project, and the success San Francisco has had in building community engagement with schoolyards.


"An active schoolyard is a safe schoolyard," Farrell says in the article. It continues, "Weekend users seem to feel a sense of stewardship, picking up granola bar wrappers, broken pencils, and other school-day detritus. The feeling is mutual."

Despite budget shortfalls at the state level, the article asserts, "successful joint-use programs for the schoolyards of San Francisco and New York, however, show that our public entities may be better off doubling down, increasing and diversifying use of their facilities."

Supporters can read more here, and see the success of the Shared Schoolyard Project for themselves at any of our schoolyard kickoff events.

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